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At right see the requirements for having your cameo page and links presented in Harrisonburg.org.

If you are a not-for-profit organization, you may begin immediately -- or, you may wish to prepare your information first, then return to this page to copy and paste in each of the below fields. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!

All fields must be completed.

1. Primary Information:
  Section 1 applies to the actual property or facility ONLY.

1.1 Name of Property, attraction or facility

1.2 Closest Interstate:   I-   and EXIT:

1.3 Physical Address (No post office boxes!)

1.4 Mailing Address (even if same as above)

1.5 City:     State:   Zip:
1.6 County:  
1.7 Facility Phone  
1.8 Facility fax  
1.9 Toll free phone  

1.10 Web site (full address to get to your web site)

1.11 Facility email address (will not be published!)

2. Information to be published on the Web Page:

2.1 Title of Property (large type at the top of the web page. 5 to 6 words max.)

2.2 Sub-title (short 'slogan' or description: 8 words max.)

2.3 Description: (Property information. Do not include phones, directions.)

2.4 Directions: Specific "how to get here" instruction. Be clear, but brief.

2.5 Detailed information:
This is the text of your cameo web page. Here's where you include items like hours, parking info, amenities which are specific to your organization

2.6 Type of business or Non Profit
* Business Category:
* Non Profit Category:

2.7 Key Words: up to 25 "search" words, comma separated

3. Member / Owner Contact Information (Not published):
  Who is responsible for this information?
  Complete this section, even if it is the same as listed above.

3.1 Your name: Who is filling out this form?

3.2 Official (business) Name

3.3 Mailing Address (even if same as above)

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3.5 Your Phone  

3.6 Your email address

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Tips for filling out this form:

IMPORTANT:Make sure the form is complete. Incomplete forms will NOT be included. Make sure you've filled out all fields -- even if the information is the same in more than one field, enter it again.

DO NOT use special characters or symbols.
They won't work on the web. (If you are pasting text from a word processer like MS WORD, then remove styles, or save the info first as "plain text")

DO NOT insert HTML code.

Double Entries: If you have multiple "properties" then separate them into separate entries. (Example: you are a Bed & Breakfast, but you also have a restaurant!) If the restaurant has a different "title" or trade name, enter it as a separate entity. Cross reference both, by including "Restaurant" in the B&B sales or detail info, and visa-versa.)

Multiple Locations: If you have multiple locations, EACH must be entered separately. After hitting the "submit" button, use your browser's back button to return to the form. Standing information will still be there and you can customize the entry for the next location. Do not expect us to multiply your information across multiple locations. Incomplete forms will NOT be included.

2 Title and Sub Title: These are the two most important features of your web page directory listing. They will be responsible for leading the reader into your Sales Text. Select your words carefully.

2.1 - Property TitleThe TITLE will be used as the link to the web page, as well as the title of the web page. If the official name of the property is not compelling, use editorial license. Remember, your "official" title will be included in the contact section. For instance: if the official name is ABC Quick Stop then you may want to dream up a more exciting title. Quick Stop the traveler's friend.

2.2 - Property Sub Title The Sub Title is equally important. Here's where you can qualify and enhance the title or headline. The Quick Stop property above might say: "A welcome stop for all your travel needs!"

2.3 Sales Text: This is your opportunity to sell your products and services.
Remember that statistics have indicated that you must hook your reader in the first 15 words. Use your brochure or advertising copy. Make it clear, light and compelling. Don't over do it though, most people know the difference between real information and empty hype. 150 to 200 words would be considered the maximum. For paragraphs, just insert extra spaces, no paragraph returns are necessary.

2.5 Detailed Information: Enter details about your property that serious travelers will want to know. Do you have free parking? Are you handicap accessible? Do you allow pets? For instance, if you are a campground you would want to list the facility hook-ups, water, etc. If you were a Hotel, you would list room amenities, pools, fitness rooms, bars, etc. You do not need to repeat "selling" features that are listed in the "Sales Text" (field #2.3)

2.6 Travel Categories: This allows us to assign your property to the appropriate category. Use your most important travel category in pop-up menue #1. The second pop-up is for cross referencing. Chose them wisely -- it's where you will have links.

2.7 Keywords: Enter up to 25 specific, individual words a web user would most likely use to "find" you. These can be products, amenities, special features of your site, locations, etc. Separate each by a comma / space. These will be included in the META tags for your page. BEWARE: we reserve the right to edit.

If you need help:

We are happy to complete this form and entry for you. Just send us your brochure, or sales information and we'll take care of the rest. There will be a $50.00 charge for this service, just call 540-433-8402.

We invite you to discover how you can be a part of Harrisonburg.org. Please contact us with your questions, comments or contributions.
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