Who are Fins of the Valley

Fins of the Valley is the official chapter of Parrot Heads in Paradise, a not-for-profit, philanthropic organization based in Harrisonburg, VA, covering the central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia -- mission to help fellow man and change people's lives.

We are similar-minded folks who embrace the tropical frame of mind, and 'Trop Rock' music, particularly the writings of Jimmy Buffett! We believe in "leaving things just a little better than they found them ... and having a good time doing it.

In a 14 year period, Parrot Head Clubs collectively raised for and/or donated to charitable organizations more than $43,000,000 !! (43 million) Additionally, chapters like ours around the world have collectively donated more than 3,625,000 man-hours to philanthropic activities !!

parrot_heads_in_paridiseHere's your opportunity to be a part of something special & to give something back ... to the community, to the environment and to your fellow man.

Come join the "ParrotHead Nation" and help us "Party With A Purpose!"
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Joining the Fins of the Valley

Submit your registration by completing and sending this form, or by downloading the Membership Form PDF completing and sending to the address on the form.

Of course, in order to continue our good work in the community, members are happy to pay small membership dues using our secure_lock_gold PayPal secure charge card service. Membership or Renewal dues are payable annually, along with an updated membership form during January of each year

Individual Membership : $25

Family Membership : $40

Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way

The story Jimmy Buffett, the road to Key West

Parrotheads in Paradise Foundation Please visit, and support the Paradise Charitable Foundation, a progressive 501(c)3 charitable organization, existing to support and further the community-based social, philanthropic and humanitarian efforts of Parrot Heads worldwide who endeavor to give to the community, to the environment and to our fellow man.

In memorial to a fallen friend of Fins of the Valley
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Robbin's charitable Endowment for Youth in Music

Thank you!

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