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To become a member of the Fins of the Valley, complete this form, with membership dues of $25 per individual or $40 per family. Dues are payable at the time this membership application or renewal is received. Renew with this form no later than January 15th.
Immediately upon submission of this membership form, you will be taken to our secure secure_lock_gold membership dues page, where you can use your charge card to pay membership dues.

If you do not wish to pay and renew online, mail your membership dues and registration according to this Fins Registration Form Word dot-Doc file, or this Registration Form PDF file

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5) I have read and understand the rules of the club below
GO The terms Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville, Parrot Head(s), Parrothead(s), Parrot Head Club, Parrothead Club and PHC are registered trademarks of Margaritaville Inc. Membership in the club does not give the member permission to use Jimmy Buffett's name, song titles, lyrics, names of businesses or other trademarked, copyrighted or reserved material owned by Jimmy Buffett. Nor can any member use the logo of the Fins of the Valley Parrot Head Club or Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. for other than club approved business.
GO Each member of the Fins of the Valley Parrot Head Club is responsible for his or her own actions and behavior. Since Parrot Heads are known to have a good time, we encourage the use of designated drivers. While the club is open to all ages, it does not condone under age drinking. All members are expected to fully comply with all laws, and any member who breaks a law does so at their own risk and is personally liable for the consequences of those actions. Fins of the Valley Parrot Head Club will not be responsible or liable for these actions.

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