What’s up in and around Harrisonburg – April

It happened last week — if you have a news, views or review item to share with harrisonburg readers, please pass it along! Among the better news providers we find WSVA, blogs and others in this week’s news : [*] JMU students accepted into intensive summer medical training program
[*] UNCW’s Adams, JMU’s Brewer Honored as CAA Women’s Golfers of the Week – April 9
[*] Staunton City Council Considering Doubling Cigarette Tax
[*] Mulitple Vehicle Accident Closes US 340 in Virginia
[*] Student Suspended After Alleged Facebook Threats
[*] Teams Volunteer For Blacks Run Cleanup Day
[*] Annual Plane Pull Benefits Fairfield Center
[*] Saturday sunrise in the Shenandoah Valley
[*] Farmers wanted for infrastructure survey
[*] Pamela’s Secrets Building Sold
[*] and more . . . (more…)

April 14, 2014

National Ag Day is Tuesday, March 25th

United States Congress Many days, long before the sun rises and long after the sun sets, farmers across the nation are hard at work producing the food and fiber products we rely upon. From the very foundation of the United States to the present day, these hardworking farmers and ranchers have held a place at the core of our economy.
A message from Congressman Bob Goodlatte:


March 22, 2014

Action for Congress on Executive Overreach

United States Congress Our Constitution is clear: Congress writes our laws, the Judiciary interprets them, and the President enforces them. But for the past five years, President Obama repeatedly has waived, amended, or ignored our laws and has bypassed the Congress, issuing executive decrees from the Oval Office rather than working with Americans’ elected representatives in Congress.


March 10, 2014

Intelligence Programs Should Protect Civil Liberties and National Security

Goodlatte Congress Security For the last several months, the House Judiciary Committee has conducted an ongoing review of our nation’s intelligence-gathering programs. Last summer’s unauthorized public release of these classified programs by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has sparked a national debate about the extent of the programs and whether they pose a threat to Americans’ civil liberties and privacy. Since then, there have been numerous proposals to significantly reform or end these programs operated under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA.


February 8, 2014

Harrisonburg residents speak out against street name change: Name a new street!

By Rhonda Harper Lentz

renaming cantrell ave Before City Council hears a formal request to rename Cantrell Avenue in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., it will get an earful from opponents.

The Facebook group “Remembering Downtown Harrisonburg” — more than 2,100 current and past residents who reminisce about the city — has fashioned a petition to give council members at their June 18 meeting.


June 18, 2013

Sharing the Vision for Downtown

The City of Harrisonburg is partnering with other agencies and the community to discuss the vision for Downtown Harrisonburg. (more…)

May 30, 2013

Rooting Out Waste at the Department of Justice

United States Congress As the March 1 sequestration deadline approached, Attorney General Eric Holder dramatically warned that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would be forced to make cuts that threaten the safety of all Americans. Holder claimed that cuts to agencies within the Justice Department would diminish the department’s ability to investigate and prosecute crimes.


April 13, 2013

Goodlatte Names 6th District Natives to Senior Positions at Judiciary Committee

United States Congress Rep. Bob Goodlatte, incoming Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has announced his senior staff for the House Judiciary Committee.
Rep. Goodlatte has selected Shelley Husband, who hails from Augusta County, to serve as his Chief of Staff and Branden Ritchie, who hails from Amherst County, to serve as his Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Counsel.


December 10, 2012

Virginia Seashores at Risk

Climate change is already adversely affecting seven national seashores on the Atlantic Coast, from Cape Cod to Cape Canaveral, and those impacts will dramatically worsen, according to a new report from the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (RMCO) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).


August 30, 2012

Regional Job Fair: August 6

United States Congress Bob Goodlatte, along with Congressman Robert Hurt, will host a Regional Job Fair,on August 6th at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center in Lynchburg. This is a district wide event – anyone seeking employment is invited to attend.


July 27, 2012