Port Republic Artisans Hold Debut Art Show


The Village Artisans of Port Republic, LLC is holding its Debut Art Show from April 28th through May 1st in the newly renovated Port Republic Town Hall.


April 3, 2016

Call to Artists : everyone is an artist, everything is art!

Harrisonburg's Court Square Theater part of the Arts Council

unJURIED will be presented by Jon Henry of the Old Furnace Artist Residency; at the Darrin-McHone Gallery

      Everyone is an artist.un_juried
            Everything is art.


February 24, 2015

February : The Shenandoah Valley Art Center

Harrisonburg in the Shenandoah Valley The Shenandoah Valley Art Center, during the month of February, as a tribute to art education, is exhibiting the artwork of the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Visual Arts Department, located in Fishersville since 2002. The school serves gifted junior and senior high school students of the Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro Public Schools.


January 27, 2015

OASIS Fine Arts Gallery Wins Forbes Center Award

OASIS has won a prestigious award in recognition of lifetime achievement in the arts. This is an annual one, awarded by the Forbes Center, JMU College of Visual and Performing Arts and Arts Council of the Valley. It is bestowed on a recipient who has made sustained contributions to arts excellence in the Shenandoah Valley.

August Featured Artist

Brenda Fairweather, OASIS Featured Artist for August 2014, with an exhibit titled “Thrown and woven: Unearthing the connection between fiber and clay.”



July 9, 2014

National Arts Advocacy Day is March 24-25


When we say “ARTS” it is important for us to specify that the arts include visual fine art, design, art education, music, dance, art history, theater and performance, literary art, new media, film, integrated media, and public works. The arts are designated as a “core academic subject” in federal law, which means the arts have the same importance as reading, math, social studies, language arts, and science. This federal designation is an acknowledgement of the relevance of the arts in a complete education and their rightful place in the main instructional day. However, a 2011 national survey of over 1,000 public schools found that schools are narrowing curriculum and shifting instructional time and resources away from visual art, music, foreign language, and social studies.


March 24, 2014

Harrisonburg Arts for April

Upcoming arts events and happenings in the central Shenandoah Valley … make your plans to enhance your spring with art . Don’t miss the Progressive Party, and other special events . .


March 24, 2014

Beyond Mountains: Photographs

inspired by the Poems of Nadine Pinede
February 5 – April 15 at Court Square Theater

The photographs in this exhibition are hanging in the Court Square Theater lobby and are based on Nadine Pinede’s poetry chapbook, An Invisible Geography.


March 12, 2014

Gems and Masks Shine at OASIS

OASIS Fine Art & CraftArtisans have a chance to shine right along with the holiday lights this month. Indeed, every day in December until Christmas, the public can catch artist-geologist Stuart Mercer at OASIS Fine Art & Craft, 10am-6pm, at work cutting and polishing Virginia gemstones.


November 14, 2011