Rockingham County: Turkey Capital of the World (This is the rest of the story)

This was posted on Facebook in honor of National Poultry Day, which was March 19th. So many people wanted to view the whole story, we decided to host the article here. Enjoy!


The rest of the story

charlie wampler story

This is an article which ran in 1959 about the Charlie Wampler and his family — and how their vision was the launch of the poultry industry we know today. On the first floor of Explore More Discovery Museum, you’ll find an educational exhibit teaching about today’s poultry industry.

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charlie wampler story
This was scanned from a copy of Cyanagrams, Spring 1959

Today, Harrisonburg and Rockingham County prosper with a population which has kept pace with the expanding job market in the entire Shenandoah Valley. Our economy has pushed beyond the traditionally strong agricultural base through tremendous growth in business, industry, and education.

Harrisonburg, Virginia, a preferred friendly city
(aerial photo by Hubert Gentry)

Harrisonburg now serves as the major financial and retail center for eight counties including three in West Virginia. Over 40 major industries have located in the area providing stable employment and a promising future. Two universities, an independent college, and a community college have made the area a prominent educational center for the entire region!

If you want the excitement of city life, we’ve got it… if you want the charm of country life, we’ve got that too!

We have grown from predominantly small town, rural areas into dynamic communities. We have become well-known for mainstage theatre, dinner theatre, art galleries, and museums.

For the music lover, live concerts run the gamut from classical to jazz, to country and bluegrass, to the latest hard rock groups. Superb opportunities to enjoy a full range of music performances can be found at both James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University.

If you love good food, our restaurants and community events offer virtually everything you can imagine from "down-home, country kitchen" fare to international gourmet cuisine.

We are also well known for our country fairs and craft shows. If you are a sports fan, there are three collegiate teams to root for in football, basketball, soccer and baseball.

The area has been called a "mecca" for the baseball fan. Our Valley League is among the few NCAA sanctioned leagues in the country! Expect to see the top collegiate players from all over the country. The Valley League has been the "Gateway to the Major Leagues" for many talented baseball players over the years.

Picture Perfect living

Harrisonburg, Virginia, a preferred friendly city In the midst of this urban diversity, our rural heritage has been preserved. County homes and farmettes can still be found for those who want to raise horses, livestock or, perhaps, work toward a self-sufficient lifestyle. Even though you really can live in a secluded, rural setting, you are still just minutes from grocery stores, shopping centers, banks, schools, movie theatres, libraries, and many other conveniences.

No matter what your interests, there are many lifestyles from which to choose. Housing can be just about anything to suit your taste. The elegant, roomy Victorian homes found in Harrisonburg and in many of the small towns may be just the thing for a growing, young family. If a close-to-the-city community is your style, then there are many planned communities and neighborhoods with wide ranging prices in colonial, contemporary, and ranch homes.

There is no doubt that the Shenandoah Valley projects a distinct quality of life that we all dream of if we are looking for a place to be at home, to put down roots, find friends, and to enjoy life.

The natural beauty, the pace of life, the genuineness of the people – this is what Harrisonburg and Rockingham County are all about.

Most people who have moved here, in fact, simply comment:

"We liked it here, so we stayed!"

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Quoting Bryden_DeWitt begins Harrisonburg and Rockingham County is America’s Heartland — mother of history, birthplace of Presidents, lap of the Civil War, heart of rural Shenandoah Valley. The Harrisonburg lifestyle is a wonderfully wholesome environment for family, business and industry. Quoting  ends

The serene photo above depicts the views of Massanutten mountain, Lake Shenandoah and loveliness as far as the eye can see. One doesn’t expect to find such beauty just four minutes from James Madison University, Valley Mall, and the financial hub of the entire region. This shot was taken from an advantage point in Highland Park — a beautifully planned community, with architectural review and protective covenants that assure your family, your neighbors and your investment will enjoy an everlasting pride and comfort in living.

Harrisonburg boasts an abundance of interests, attractions and curiosities like antiques, golf, ski, food, travel, people, and lots of recreational activities. Education is one of our top priorities and we enjoy local institutions of learning like James Madison University, Bridgewater University, Eastern Mennonite University and Blue Ridge Community College all within 15 minutes of Court Square! We’re surrounded by mountains including the Blue Ridge mountains and the George Washington National Parks. The National Parks is headquartered in Bridgewater, Virginia. So what ever you have a yearning for, you’ll find it here.

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March 20, 2015
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